Birthday Boy.

This little boy was born today four years ago. Never knew that he could or would change my life as much as he has. For his birthday I was able to get him Converses to match mine. I have already bought him Converses before, but the week before his birthday he told me that his feet have grown and need more shoes like mine so we can match..

I just wanted to make this day all about my Nephew. Happy Birthday Braxton Reed. I love you. Can’t believe it has been 4 years since I held you in that hospital.

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End Of the Semester

This is the end of my semester. I will only have one more to go before I graduate from Nossi College Of Art with my associates degree. I’m so excited however there is a lot of things to do before I can finish this next week. Lets hope I can Do this.

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Leslie and Rodney Engagement

On monday I got to work with an amazing couple. We went downtown Nashville to do there engagement photos. I wish Leslie and Rodney a wonderful wedding and time together. They where amazing to work with.

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Trip to Memphis with the Rendezvous Point and SlammedEnuff?

Memphis was AWESOME. Left Saturday morning at 630am, and got to Memphis around 12. (we had many stops.) However, the weekend went great. Started off with the drift event with Traction Optional and SlammedEnuff? We ended up Checking into our hotel around 4. Later that night we enjoyed a car meet with SlammedEnuff? It reminded us about THE RENDEZVOUS POINT car meets on Sunday night at 5 guys.

Anyways, after a crazy night just hanging out at the hotel. We had a Car show the next day. We prob. ended up spending at least an hour at the car wash because of the pollen. However, when we showed up to the Meet combined with SlammedEnuff? Our rides looked GOOD. There was amazing cars out there. Hondas to Sicons to BMW, and 240sx, and so much more. We ended up taking a trip to downtown Memphis with about 50 Cars. however, we got split up along the way. To many cars makes it so hard to follow when you are not from around there.

NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED THE WEEKEND ENDED GREAT. last thing we did as a group was enjoy a good meal at TGIF’s with about 30 friends. what a lifestyle. 🙂

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Ready for The Trip to Memphis.

Ready for the trip to memphis for the Pinch Me I’M Sideways drift event. It is going to be awesome Friends, Cars, Drifting, and Photography. What could be any better.

Right now we have a caravan of 55 people heading out there together. Check it out on facebook if you want to join just meet up at 6:30 AM to head out for the whole weekend of Fun.

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Ready for the Stress to be over.

This week has been super stressful. From going to school, to working a 40 hour week, also trying to fix my car and finding out that I paid almost $300 and it’s running as bad as it was before. I feel like I am about to freak out. As Wednesday hit I had to take my dog to the vet because she ended up getting hurt over the weekend and now she has to take 3 pills every 12 hours for the next two weeks. Also, had to call the insurance company for hail damage on my car. Having an idea that they probably do not want to fix it that it might just end up getting totalled. HA my car is only worth maybe $4000 dollars, and everyone else I talked to who just got an estimate on their car is over $7000. CRAZINESS..  All I am saying is this week needs to get better.

Thought  I would Add a Picture of the quater size hail we had from the storm.. IT LOOKED LIKE IT SNOWED. loved being locked into a cooler with a bunch of people at work..

Thank you all for your time. LETS TRY TO HAVE A GREAT WEEK THE REST OF THE WEEK. 

Jess. 🙂

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Baby Jaydn

On Sunday I got to shoot this beautiful 4 month old Jaydn. His Momma Allyson was there helping out making him laugh. It was so much fun and can not wait until the next time i get to photograph this cute little boy.ImageImageImageImageImage

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The Rendezvous Point Charity Event for Multiple Sclerosis.

I personally wanna thank EVERYBODY who supports The Rendezvous Point (Five Guys Car Meet)! I wanna thank EVERYBODY who came to the benifit/ charity event we held over the weekend for kids with Multiple Sclerosis! We was able to raise close to $2,000 dollars for kids who need it more than we do. Its always nice to have a big car meet/show, but it feels even better to give back to the community and help thoes in need. Thanks for all the support!

From Jarvis Jenkins

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First Event

Come Support The Rendezvous Point and Jess Photography at the Charity event for Multiple Sclerosis this Saturday from 11am to 4pm. This is our First major event and we are looking to make it fun. There will be food, photos, the rendezvous point babes, and more.

Thanks for your support,


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