Trip to Memphis with the Rendezvous Point and SlammedEnuff?

Memphis was AWESOME. Left Saturday morning at 630am, and got to Memphis around 12. (we had many stops.) However, the weekend went great. Started off with the drift event with Traction Optional and SlammedEnuff? We ended up Checking into our hotel around 4. Later that night we enjoyed a car meet with SlammedEnuff? It reminded us about THE RENDEZVOUS POINT car meets on Sunday night at 5 guys.

Anyways, after a crazy night just hanging out at the hotel. We had a Car show the next day. We prob. ended up spending at least an hour at the car wash because of the pollen. However, when we showed up to the Meet combined with SlammedEnuff? Our rides looked GOOD. There was amazing cars out there. Hondas to Sicons to BMW, and 240sx, and so much more. We ended up taking a trip to downtown Memphis with about 50 Cars. however, we got split up along the way. To many cars makes it so hard to follow when you are not from around there.

NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED THE WEEKEND ENDED GREAT. last thing we did as a group was enjoy a good meal at TGIF’s with about 30 friends. what a lifestyle. 🙂

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